Curriculum of Bachelors level (Click to Download)

B.Ed First Year

B.Ed Second Year

B.Ed Third Year

B.Ed Fourth Year

Compulsory Nepali Psychology PREFACE Hist. Ed.444 ICT in History Education
General English Nepalese Economy Fundamental Calculus History Ed. 446 Research Methodology of History
Administration Economics of Dev Reserch and Practicum HPEd. 445 School Health Programme and Community Health Service
Foundation of Health Education Ed.PM Teaching HE HPEd. 446 Sports Training in Physical Education
Economic Analysis Ed.PM_.-429 Teaching-Mathematics-at-Secondary-Level Math Ed. 444 ICT in Mathematics Education
Quantitative Techniques in Economics Basics of Academic Writing Modern Algebra Math. Ed. 445 Linear Algebra and Vector Analysis
Foundations of Language and Linguistics English for Communication Analytical Geometry Math. Ed. 446 Advance calculus (Final )
Physical Geography Geographic System and Remote Sensing 439-Methods of Teaching Economics Math. Ed. 449 Algebra
Ancient History World Regional Geography Method of Teaching PE Nep. Ed. 445 Anushandhan bidhi
Foundation of Math Fundamental of Public Health Educational Supervision Nep. Ed. 446 Byabaharik Lekhan
Nepali Katha Management and Supervision of HPE Method of Teaching Political Science Nep. Ed. 449 Byabaharik Lekhan new minor
Foundation of PE Minor History of Modern Nepal Political Management and Research P.Ed. 449 Sports Training in Physical Education (Minor)
Political Thinkers Minor History of Tourisim Contemporary Political Issues Pol. Sc. Ed. 445 Human Rights and Social Justice
Foundation of Population Fundamentals of Geometry Contemporary-Political-Issues-Minor Pol. Sc. Ed. 449 Election Politics of Nepal
Biology Methods of Teaching Mathematics Pop Ed 433 SKM Pol. Sc. Ed. 446 Election Politics of Nepal
Philosophical Sociological Foundation Nep.Ed_.-428 Pop Ed. 432 Method Pop. Ed. 445 Fundamentals of Ageing
Economic Analysis Nep.Ed_.-429 Basic reserach Pop. Ed. 446 Project and seminar on population education
Economic Analysis Physical Education Pop Ed. 439 Method Pop. Ed. 449 Project and seminar on population education
Quantitative Techniques in Economics Sports science and games Environmental Health and health promotion Sc. Ed. 444 ICT in Science Education
Foundation of Language and Linguistics Population Situation of Nepal Nepali Bhasa Sikchhyan Sc.Ed. 445 Chemistry IV
Reading Writing and CT Population Dynamics Prayogik Bhasabigyan Sc.Ed. 446 Physics IV
Administration Plant Science Sahityasastra Nepali samalochana Sc.Ed. 448 Plant Science IV
Development of Education in Nepal Animal Science 439 Nepali Bhasa Sikchhyan Sc.Ed. 449 Animal science IV
Physical Geography Environmental education Critical Readings in Enlgish_ Final Teaching Practice Nirdeshika
Human Geography Mehtods of Teaching Economics Ed. 443 ICT in education
Health Education GOVT FINANCE _ FINANCIAL SYSTEM Ed. PM 445 School Management
Foundation of Health Education International Economics Ed. PM. 446 Social Justice
Foundation of PE Teachers professional Development Ed.PM 449 School Management
Ancient History Educational Management Information System Eng. Ed. 445 Research methodology in English Education
Sociology Cultural and Economic Educational Supervision Eng. Ed. 446 Literature for Language Development
Foundation of Math ELT Methods, Materials and Practices_ Final virson. Minor Eng.Ed, 449 Literature for Language Development
Calculus ELT Methods, Materials and Practices_ Final virson. H.Ed 449 SHP _ CHS (Minor)
Nepali Edu English for Mass Communication Final(1) Hist. Ed. 445 Major Dawn of Democracy
Nepali Ed Final Sc.Ed. 432. Method of Teaching Science Hist. Ed. 449 Minor Dawn of Democracy
Political Thinkers Final Sc.Ed. 433 Chem. III
Political Analysis Final Sc.Ed. 434. Physics III
Foundation of Population Final Sc.Ed. 438 Plant Science III
Quality of Life Final Sc.Ed. 439 Animal Science III
Chemistry Geo. Ed. 432 Method Teaching Geography
Physics Geo. Ed. 433.Economic Geography and Resource Management
Geo. Ed. 434 (Major)_Geography of Nepal
Geo. Ed. 439 (Minor)_Geography of Nepal
Hist. Ed. 434 China and japan
Hist.Ed. 432 Methods of teaching history
Hist.Ed. 439 Methods of teaching history
HPEd 432 Method of T HPE