Courses Offered

The campus operated in its capacity as a degree college, running Intermediate and Bachelor’s level courses in Humanities and social sciences, from its establishment till 1973. Then it was converted to a Multiple Campus, in accordance with the new policy adopted by the National Education System Plan (NESP) that was introduced in Nepal in 1971.

S.N. Level Subjects
1. 4 years Bachelors Level in Education English, Nepali, Population, Health & Physical education, Political Science, Educational Planning and Management
2. 1 year Bachelor of Education English, Nepali, Mathematics, Economics, Educational Planning & Management
3. Master’s Level English, Nepali, Educational Planning & Management & Health
4. 3 years Bachelor’s Level in Humanities English, Nepali, Economics, Geography, Histry, Math, Political Science and Rural Development.
5. Master’s Level in Humanities Rural Development
6. 4 years Bachelor’s Level in Science General Science & Environmental Science
7. 4 years Bachelor’s Level : Management Account, Marketing, Finance
8. Masters in Business Studies Account, Marketing, Finance